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Let us be part of your celebrations. Together we will create a special indoor/outdoor dining experience or private celebration. Madeline Garden is here for you to enjoy offering a variety of dining and entertainment experiences.


Hours of Operation:

Mon-Tue - Closed | Wed & Thurs: 11am - 9pm |
Friday: 11am - 10pm | Sat: 10am -10pm | Sun: 10am - 9pm |
Please Note: We are open until 12:00am for private events.


Our unique location was once a special development occupied by Albert Einstein. Some say they can feel the intelligence and energy he left here when he sought to reach higher levels of the quantum energy. This building has a very intriguing and mysterious history that we seek to preserve and share with our visitors. Along with charming brick construction; Madeline Garden is a hidden gem in an exclusive area.

The old Caltech french building is open to serve brunch, high tea, French-Italian cuisine, small tapes and Isakaya, excellent wine pairing and fun spirits, along with talented artists to perform for you. Madeline Garden offers a modern European touch infused with Eastern old culture. We also bring the enjoyment of seasonal, farm fresh ingredients, to delight a wide range of tastes: including sea food lovers as well as vegetarians.

We bring the culinary arts together. It is every chef's dream to serve you the greatest food. Madeline Garden gives you service that is from each staff's caring heart. We want to share amazing experiences for you that will become cherished memories.